HL Gibson, Author

Favorite 1They didn’t speak past their initials hellos. She didn’t know he was coming to the picnic, and he found out during the ride to her aunt’s house that she wasn’t expecting him. The day went completely downhill as they avoided each other due to extreme shyness. It didn’t help that the eye of every family member present was on them; watching, waiting to see if Bill and Heather would hit it off.

He planned to make his move under the cover of darkness during the bonfire. By that time, though, her new contacts were thoroughly irritating her eyes. She left the party. He came back from a hike with her uncles and cousins to discover her gone.

None of this had a negative effect on them and twenty-one married years later, Bill and Heather laugh about it. She also took to calling him William due to an excessive amount of Bills on both sides of the family. It was just too confusing.

Prior to their marriage, William insisted Heather complete her education. He knew she was anxious to be married, a fact he found particularly flattering, but also knew she wouldn’t finish school if she took time off to plan their nuptials. Waiting was difficult, but Heather rose to the task. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern Ohio College achieving an Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Science.

The first six years of their marriage were pure bliss, but they wouldn’t realize how much until fifteen years after their first and only son was born. The teenage years have admittedly been a trial. Still, Heather keeps their son on track with school, his grades are above par; Boy Scouts, he holds the rank of Life; and karate, he is a red belt.

During their life together, Heather pursued a professional career on and off. She has been an office manager for a court reporting firm, an administrative assistant to the Vice President of IT of a telemarketing firm, and a substitute staff member at the library.

In 2012, Heather joined a writers’ group at the library where she worked. She had always written for her own pleasure but sought feedback from other writers. Short stories and pictures books were her favorite. In November of that year, a good friend, who leads the group, suggested NaNoWriMo. Heather had never written a novel, but as luck would have it, she had been kicking around the idea. What a perfect way to get the story out of her head and onto paper.

Two years later, she isn’t sure if she should thank or strangle said friend. While her second draft is in the hands of beta readers, Heather has been researching the world of agents and attempting to navigate the realm of publishing. Then there are query letters, third revisions, fourth drafts not to mention an author platform which is what brings you here.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading the above, action-packed missive. There are many details which have been left out but nothing that would deter from Heather’s story. This is, after all, a brief narrative of her life focusing on her writing. In short, Heather is an author.

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  1. Beautifully written bio. Reads like a small story packed with all the really interesting info. Best wishes with your writing,your family and life. God bless you.

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  2. Absolutely refreshing, stands out. Definitely not a typical author bio. Very creative way to describe who you are, an author. Got my attention and made we want to read more.

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  3. I love the way this is written, it has given me the idea to maybe form mine into a story instead of a bunch of “things’ and “points” about me. Also I love that you did NaNoWrimo!! I am actually reading the book No Plot? No Problem? as we speak and I will begin writing my novel March 1st! I am too anxious to wait for November ha!

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