Makeup Mishap

images2L07D8WHYou just spent the last thirty minutes perfecting the most beautiful color scheme of eye shadow on your lids. It blows away the smoky eye. It may very well be the next hot thing. Without a doubt, photographers who see you will beg to take pictures of your glamourous eyes for fashion magazines.

The colors blended with silky precision, your eyeliner smudged without bleeding, and there are absolutely no clumps in your mascara. This was only achieved because you threatened the males with whom you live to not even entertain the thought of coming near the bathroom while you were creating.

One last time, you lean in to admire a job well done. Oh crap, there it is; a small blob of ocular goop, better known as the eye booger, clings to that miniscule fleshy hump on the inside corner of your eye. What is that thing called anyway?

You know, you know, you absolutely cannot touch your eye with your fingers. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve washed them. It will sting and burn when you try to fish out the goo. Your eyes will inevitably water and ruin what you just spent the last thirty minutes achieving. Even if the makeup isn’t marred, your eyes will be red and blotchy, a look that will clash with your makeup.

As if the globule in your eye wasn’t enough to make you cry, the whole stinking situation will. Either way, you’re scre…

…sigh …just fix it and move on. That’s what moms do.

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