Appreciation For vs. Appreciation Of

Appreciation For vs Appreciation Of

Today’s post is a simple reminder on when to use appreciation for versus appreciation of. We all believe we know the rule until that split second when we’ve been tasked with something like the engraving of a plaque to commemorate a co-worker’s achievement. The shop clerk, who usually isn’t an English major and provides absolutely no help at all, stares at you blankly, waiting for you to decide whether the plaque should read appreciation for a job well done or appreciation of a job well done.

Because I care enough to not let you return to the office in shame, I’m going to help you out with this little dilemma. Both are appropriate under different circumstances. Appreciation for indicates a love, an understanding, a feeling as in, “He has a great appreciation for modern art.” Appreciation of indicates a thankfulness, an acknowledgment as in, “The plaque was awarded in appreciation of Bob’s service to the organization.”

I hope this lesson is a helpful reminder. If you should ever forget how to use appreciation for and appreciation of, at least remember my blog address,, where you’ll find all the answers to life’s annoying problems. Well, at least the ones that have to do with writing.

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  1. I have a great appreciation for your appreciation of proper use of the English language and an appreciation of your appreciation for correcting people. You ruthless “word Nazi”.


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