Thank You for Your Support

No, this isn’t a message from Bartles & Jaymes.  This is me wholeheartedly thanking each and every one of my six hundred followers for their support while I continue to build my author platform piece by piece.  Sometime between last night and a few moments ago, I reached this exact number of followers.  I can’t begin to tell you how incredible that made me feel.  Perhaps because it’s such an exact number, I believe I’ve achieved quite a milestone.

As every writer knows, the grueling road to publication is often a long and hard one.  Very few people experience success right out of gate.  I don’t know about others, but on any given day, I fluctuate between insecurity and euphoria about my writing.  I’m pretty sure I’m going crazy at times!  Still, I’ll press on because there is no way I’m going to abandon this endeavor.

Besides, I can still brag, “Hey, I wrote a book!”

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  1. You’re quite welcome Ms. Gibson. And Thank You for giving us some very enjoyable tales. Can’t wait to read the entire book Secrets of Dr. John Wells.


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