What Would You Give to Have That?

imagesI recently wrote a blog post on the unusual things people say.  We grow up hearing odd turns of phrase and use them as an adult never questioning where they came from or what they mean.  We’ve said them all our lives and understand them perfectly.  Southerners, Northerners, people from other countries–we all have our quirky expressions that we employ without hesitation assuming everyone in our hearing vicinity will know what we mean.

While researching the origins of the phrases used in my family, I came across the following question and answer regarding the giving of one’s eye teeth for something. I use this one quite frequently and never gave it much thought.

The question was stated in such a way as to make me laugh. The answer proved informative. I had no idea this phrase dated back so far.

I would love to know the crazy sayings peculiar to your family or locale that you grew up hearing and/or saying.  As a writer, I’m always looking for unique ways to state something without sounding clichéd.  I believe it adds flavor to the story and strengthens a character’s voice.


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