Get It Write the First Time…Oops…


I just about fall out of my chair laughing when I see “peeked my interest” or “peaked my interest.” This usually happens on places like Facebook or Twitter because people don’t seem too concerned with the editorial process on social media. When this slips into a book, I just about have a fit. If I was in charge, this type of offense would have me storming into an editor’s office with a pink slip.

Now I don’t mean to sound snooty; I admit to using my Google search bar as a spell checker. I also admit to the occasional mistake in a blog or Facebook post and Twitter tweet. I grind my teeth when this happens.

Still, if you’re going to employ a phrase, please take the time to double check the wording and etymology of phrase to ensure that you’re using it correctly. The following link explains the difference and appropriate use of pique, peak, and peek. I found it to be most useful with tips on how to remember which \ˈpēk\ is correct for your sentence.

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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I honestly didn’t know which was correct. You’re such a good little nazi.

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