Italian Cooking

Dana Dances

Dana Dances

The picture of the little girl dancing on the couch caught my eye as I was playing on Pinterest one day.  A short story flooded my head, and I simply had to open a Word document to get it all down.  What followed has been revised and researched several times until I was completely happy with the story.  Of course, I’m a writer, so even after I post this I’ll probably find something I would have changed.  We all know if I did that, nothing would ever be posted.  So, grab a glass of chianti and a plate of your favorite pasta, tuck your napkin into your collar (don’t splash the screen), and enjoy some “Italian Cooking.”

Italian Cooking

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  1. I had a hard time finding your ‘leave a comment’ link.’ But alas… so I loved your inspiration photo and I thought the story was very sweet. I don’t know how closely you based the girl off of the photo but she looks like she’s 7 or 8, not quite on the cusp of a teenager. I really liked the story, the dialogue flowed well, I would only suggest you make a better introduction of the characters. I didn’t understand where Annalise came in until further down the page, and I didn’t know your main character was a man until you said bachelor. Otherwise good job!


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