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I love finding valuable resources for writing, but even more than finding them, I love sharing them.  One of my goals for my blog is to provide another place where fellow writers can find gems such as the two I’m featuring today.

In addition to writing novels, I churn out a short story from time to time.  Now that I have a few stacked up like firewood, I thought I might as well submit them.  Ah, but how to format a short story when I’ve been focusing on how to format entire manuscripts?  Turns out it’s not all that different, and it’s actually quite easy.

The first link I’m providing is How to Format a Short Story Manuscript for Submission: a Checklist by Joe Bunting.  Who doesn’t love a good checklist, right?  In addition to this is a wonderful visual resource called Proper Manuscript Format:  Short Story Format by William Shunn.  Mr. Shunn is brilliant when he not only tells us how to format our short fiction, but he shows us what it should look like as well.

I hope you find these helpful, and that you’ll pass on the useful information.

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  1. Thanks HL, I am currently in the process of entering various competitions and looking down the path of self publishing with short stories. Will take a more indepth look tonight at the links 🙂


    • You’re most welcome, Tan! Best of luck with the competitions and the publishing. I strongly believe that we need to support each other, allow fellow authors to stand on our shoulders, and pass on what we’ve learned. I’ll look for you on the bookshelves!

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      • Thank you for your well wishes. Yes I’ve found the best way to keep writing in general is to stay in touch with other writers, we all motivate one another and it’s a win win situation then.

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